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AHA 'Heart Check' Logo Completely Bogus.

AHA ‘Heart Check’ Logo Completely Bogus.

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We’re all familiar with the American Heart Association’s ‘heart check’ symbol that graces the packaging a thousands of food items but did you ever think about how it got there?

Nutrition blog Small Bites reveals that some of the most unhealthy companies are allowed to sell products bearing the ‘heart check’ logo simply because they bought the rights from the American Heart Association. For $2,500 and a yearly $650 renewal fee, a company can buy the ‘heart check’ logo for their packaging to help trick millions of consumers into thinking their product is actually good for their heart.

In addition to the fee, the product is required to meet a weak set of nutritional requirements. For example, a whole grain product must contain 51% whole grains and can have up to 20mg of cholesterol and 430mg of sodium per serving and still be considered ‘heart healthy.’

This is why it seems like every product at the grocery store has the ‘heart check’ logo. It is easy for companies to buy and can really add to the perception of health that many foods wish to portray. Check out a full list of all the ‘heart healthy’ certified products here. Some of my favorite heart healthy products are:

Butterball Deep Fried Turkey

Albertson’s 100% Ground Beef

Creta Farm Bologna

The American Heart Association makes $1.1 million in ‘heart check’ symbol renewal fees annually. They also receive over $30,000,000 in contributions from pharmaceutical and medical device companies annually. Sounds to me like the AHA profits more from keeping people’s hearts unhealthy and on meds and pacemakers then on teaching good nutrition.

The ‘heart check’ logo is bogus. Use your own judgement and read the nutrition label to decide for yourself.

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