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Top 10 PETA PWNs of 2010.

Top 10 PETA PWNs of 2010.


The interwebs are buzzing from the AOL News article documenting PETA’s Top 10 Stunts on 2010.  

This is when we have an inevitable debate amongst animal rights activists and the non-animal friendly alike where we ask the question, "are PETA’s antics effective at changing hearts and minds?”  

The debate, rightly so, will never stop.  I say “rightly” because even though I 100% support PETA’s activities (and anyone else working effectively toward animal liberation) we should never stop evaluating our messages and the means we use to convey them.  

Like the stunts or not there is no debating that sometimes far from the spotlight PETA is getting shit done.  For those of you who don’t like the sexy ads and caravan of celebs but love animals, here’s something a little more serious; the Top 10 PETA PWNs of 2010

10. Thanks in large part to PETA, Catalonia bans bullfighting.

9. United Kingdom chain-store Harvey Nichols dumps the “delicacy of despair” aka foie gras.

8. A one-day campaign against Lufthansa prompts the airline company to ban the transport of dogs and cats to testing labs.

7. World’s largest green tea manufacturer bans animal testing for its products.

6.  Distribution of nearly 350,000 Free Vegan Starter Kits through sidewalk newsstands in New York, DC, and Chicago.

5. Nike bans the use of exotic skins for their brand.

4.  NASA calls off radiation experiments on spider monkeys.

3. 26,000 animals are freed from the US Global Exotics pet trade after PETA footage hits the press.

2. Over 250 dogs and cats are freed from horrific experiments at the PLRS lab.

1. Against all odds, PETA celebrates 30 years of fighting animal abuse around the world.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, PETA kicked some serious animal abuser ass in 2010.  Looking forward to 2011 guys.

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